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I help People Unlock Their Full Potential

Is there some area of your life, be it personal or professional, that you’re looking to change? As personal coach & high-end hairstylist I can help you to meet, and often exceed, your goals...for both your appearance and your business goals.

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Join thousands of people on a mission to maximize their potential & appearance.

Clients aren't just satisfied, they have real life results.

"Innovative and Collaborative!"

Ann Marie is an innovative and collaborative business owner who is constantly striving to utilize the newest technology to benefit her clients’ experience. She was excellent to work with, and I would recommend collaborating with her for any B2B innovations"

Brendan Leehe

Marketing Coordinator 

"Swiss Army Knife!"

I call Ann Marie my swiss army knife..She is spot on and is a pleasure to have on my team. She is my go to girl… RC"

Ron Contarsy  

Partner at Highmark Studio

New York, New York, United States

Get started today and finally start experiencing the results you deserve

Here is what you will get 
30 Years of Experience!

I will provide you with everything you need to be successful in changing your appearance and coaching you towards your business goals

Step by step processes at your consultation

My business and professional style is structured around communication, listening, consulting, and providing solutions to your problems.   

The initial meeting is also designed to see if we are the right fit to work together, because it's extremely important due to the nature of the experience that I custom design for each client, and the length of the time that we may be in each others lives.

Results Driven & Consistency Matters

As a serial entrepreneur, I don't wake up and say to myself, "I think I will try to suck at everything I do!"

In fact, it is just the opposite.  30 years ago, when I set out to work for myself, I can say I had no idea what that meant, but as a very successful business coach, today,.... I have much to offer to you.  

So much, that a friend really put it into perspective that it normal takes a staff of individually people to offer to you what I am certified in, and..........IT'S A LOT. 

CREATING RESULTS IS MY "WHY" I do what I do, and offer.

What results, goals and dreams do you want to achieve with your appearance, and business? 

Let's connect!

Members-only Live Events

You will get "member-only" invitations and alerts to what new offerings, webinars, and podcast episodes that I produce. 

*Additionally, based on your yearly spending you may be eligible for bonuses for your loyalty. 

This may be services, and or coaching session time.  The loyalty offering varies, and is tailored because everything that I do is customized.

Experienced Mentoring & Education

How may I help you?....Here's what my 30 years of business experience includes!

Entrepreneur & Salon Owner since 1999
Hair Extensions - Certified by 6 Companies
Japanese Hair Straightening
Keratin Straightening
Corrective Hair Color
Eyelash Extensions
Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
Wig Certification

Brow Extensions
Lash Lift Certification
Advanced Haircutting
Makeup Artistry
Manicuring with Celebrity Published Credit

Professional Photography - Celebrity Published Credit
Set Up Graphics for Marketing Materials
Video Content 
Rank YouTube Videos
Build Wordpress Websites
Rank Websites with SEO on Google
Create Social Media Channels & Content
Keyword Research & Analysis
Blogging to create website traffic
Email Marketing
Stack Software to create Automations
Create Webinars
Public Speaking for Big Corporate Events
Set Up Live Hands-on Workshops for Corporation
Affiliate Marketing 

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The Best Day To Start Was Yesterday.
Don’t pause your life goals.

Get Started Today!

“I believe that you may not always get to choose your starting point in your life or career, however you have the choice to make the choice to choose where you will finish!  ”

Ann Marie Walts
Internet Business Coach
High-End Stylist

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